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Perfect Seams

Ok, So I have been a bit slack recently. I have been trying to get some good seams, and there really hasnt been much to show. I have now got a few drums that I am working on that for the most part have good seams. The first was supposed to be a 4″ shell, but I Ended up cutting too much off trying to get it level, so it about 3.5″ deep. The second is a 7.5″ deep shell, thats currently in the works. I’m expecting it to be 7″ and around 12ply. or 7.2mm.

The 10×3.5″ is 8 ply or 4.8mm. I still have to True the edges on this a little bit more, cut the edges again. I think I might just do a simple tung oil finish on it.

I have also received the hardware for a 10″ drum, which I am pretty keen to use already. hahaha.

I also have a shell that was the last one posted on here, that is ready to be buffed/polished but I am low on cash and can’t purchase a machine to do it. I am also playing around with some U-Beaut Shellac but that also needs to be machine polished to get a good, smooth finish.

Im still working on getting the internal seams done well, which is kinda hit or miss. Stay tuned.

Here are the Pictures.


Bearing Edges

Ok so a little update from yesterday. I have put a coat of tung oil on it, and its sanded to about 240. Still a long way to go, but not sure if I will go all out with this finish. I probably should to practice but I will decide that soon.

I cut the bearing edges today. One side was less than desirable. But then I changed to a newer bit and it cut alot better. I think the router bit I was using was blunt. The edges are round-over outer 45deg inner.

I also put another shell in the mould. Its going to be a 10×4. I think I may have made the mould a little too undersized. Oh well.

Here are some pictures of the edges and also one with a dusty head a rim. They arn’t great but thats ok.

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