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10″ Walnut Tom

ok so I got bored before, I drilled up my shell on the first page to become a tom.  Drilling was pretty Bad. I noticed that I made my mould a little too undersized, but that can be overcome with some bigger gaskets (I actually plan on using tube lugs not the mapex lugs) I also noticed that the air vent makes a massive difference, I didnt drill one into this one, as it owuld just be a drilled hole. It makes a huge difference to the feel and rebound of the skins. Like i had to work hard to get the stick coming back at me, if you understand that. It sounds nice from what i can tell, i couldnt tune it well as some of the tension rods wouldnt tune up nicely (bad angles/undersized) etc, here are some pics.

i used my mapex toms hardware, nice and dusty (time for a clean it will happen soon)
oh yeah sorry for the shithouse pictures as its dark and used the flash

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