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The Hoops

Ok, So here are the hoops that I have from Metro Drums (check them out, their work is amazing ) Most of these Pictures are of them unfinished however they have been wet sanded (with tung oil) to 1200 grit, and are looking smooth and good. When they are done I will take some more pictures and Show the final product. They are a Blackbutt and Jarrah Hybrid hoop


A finish

I have started/finished finishing the jarrah outer ply shell. I have started on and identical shell but opposite. its just using shellac based products, I will probably put a wax on top of this shell to give it a harder finish as I don’t think this is going to protect it that well.

one shell out of the mould

OK, the first shell is out. I have started to cut it down and think about finish it. It is a jarrah and blackbutt Hybrid. 2 Ply jarrah, 2 Ply blackbutt 2 ply jarrah 3 ply blackbutt making the grand total 9 ply. it is now cut down to a 5.5 shell but some issues with the shell were found so i may have to cut it down to a 5″ or 4.5. I am now working on another shell of the same type as i have some hoops from Metro Drums being made, which I’m getting excited about.

One Failed Shell

So the first shell out of the mould failed, it was good. except for the seam, but I learnt from this. I know to apply more glue than I did at the seams. The shell was going to be a 6plyBlackbutt 6Ply Jarrah Hybrid.

here are some pictures, I also have a shell that just came out, when I clean it up a bit I will post pictures.

And it all starts


So I have decided to build some ply drum shells. I have already built the mould and I’m on my way on getting a working shell. I will update with more progress as I go along. I have been following the methods from here

I have already constructed one snare drum, 14×4 Jarrah Stave shell. I did not make the shell myself. but I finished it and put the hardware etc on. It turned out pretty good, except for some minor drilling issues.

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