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Glue and finishes.

I was unhappy with the results of the Vise Polyurethane glue. Not with the bonding, but mainly for the outside of the shell, there was alot of glue seeping through the veneer. I decided to try out some PVA glue, It works ok. The bonding between the two leaves of veneer was great, The less I have applied, the better it bonded. But When in the mould I found that there was problems with the amount of glue, In this case I think that the more glue the better.

Im going to see how the shell I am currently doing turns out but I might end up using both glues, the PVA on the outside plys, and the VISE for the internal plys.

The previous drum, the 10×7″ shell turned out bad. I found out that some of the plys in the mould didn’t bond properly. The shell that I buffed out turned pretty good, But I screwed up the drilling so it turned out bad. I will show some pictues of it. Im also trying out some spray on poly. So far its going good.  I am also trying to do it on a 10×3.5″ but I am having a bit of trouble, I was using wipe on Poly but it ran a fair bit, and trying to get a smooth is a little harder than I thought it was going to be.


10×4 Walunt 10ply Shell

I have Finally got a shell that im pretty happy with,  I have cut the Edges, Sanded it to 240, and it is ready for a finish. Im still getting the seams good, but I would be happy to have this as my own drum. So I am going to put hardware etc on it.

So its a 10×4 American walnut ply shell. its 10 ply, I originally planned on making it 12, but my gymball went KA-BOOOOM (well whoooosh) and i had to take the 11th and 12th ply out. It’s annoying as it left way too much glue on the internal which I tried to remove but wouldnt work.

I also think I might play around with some other glue, I like this glue but it’s just leaves way too much glue when laminating I think its bleeding through.

It’s a double 45 edges, but most of the time I see the bigger edge on the inside not the outside. I’m not sure if this will sound great. I am finding out.

For the finish im not sure, I tung makes it look nice, but thats easy as. I might try a gloss. Any suggestions?

I’m thinking of brass hardware, tubes. Also I want to get an isolation mount so i can mount it without a snare stand. But the only one that i can find is…16927dba3aa6ab its also kinda ugly. I’m trying to get everything from the one store, and this store has every thing in brass that I want its like 250 all up with shipping or a bout 180 without the iso mount

I might even have to sell the first snare that I made
Oh yeah in the pics the seam looks worse than it actually is, the internal ones are still about 1-2mm out but the external is only about .5mm at the worst, one end is perfect.

10×8 out of the mould

So i just pulled a 10×8 out of my new 10×10 mould. Its looking ok, but there is an issue with the seams. Hopefully i will have this sorted out soon. Its easy to pull out a drum after 4 ply and then put it back in with the mould so I might start doing that instead of wasting all this veneer.

Here are some pictures… I have started to finish this drum, just with tung oil, but I plan on putting some Hardware on it. I want to put brass on it, but I wanna buy it all from the same place. still looking around.

Its a 10×8 American walnut Ply drum. 8 Ply (layup is HvvHHvvH)

Here are the pictures.

My First Real Shell

Ok, Today I took out my first real shell. IT turned out pretty good, it’s all glued together no ripples or anything. BUT I tried to make a 5.5″ shel;, the laminated plys moved in the mould, making it all strange, If I do decide to use it properly I will have to cut it down, probably to about a 4″ shell. Also the Seams are nowhere near perfect.

The issues I can work on fixing, but this is a very good step in the right direction. I know for the seams I just have to measure more carefully and try to get it to fit perfect before I glue it all up. The moving of the plys is something I have to look into to see how I can overcome that.

Here are some pics.  It is a 14″x 5.5″ (kinda) 10PLY american Walnut snare shell.

An Update

Today I thought I would show a couple of things. First off are the pictures of my flat press that works. Second is some close up of the American Walnut veneer. Also I thought it might be interesting to tell you that I have got some new glue. Its a Polyurethane Glue made in Australia. If any Australians are interested its called Vise and can be purchased from Bunnings.

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