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14×6 10ply blackbutt

This just came hot out the mould, about 6 weeks ago. Been real busy so updates on the blog are small. all she needs is to be cut down, finished and drilled. Thinking of a natural finish – high gloss (still need to finish the shell from VC from christmas)

This is a 14×6 (well will be once cut down) 10ply all blackbutt, It probably has the best seams I have done on any drum to date.


One Failed Shell

So the first shell out of the mould failed, it was good. except for the seam, but I learnt from this. I know to apply more glue than I did at the seams. The shell was going to be a 6plyBlackbutt 6Ply Jarrah Hybrid.

here are some pictures, I also have a shell that just came out, when I clean it up a bit I will post pictures.

Perfect Seams

Ok, So I have been a bit slack recently. I have been trying to get some good seams, and there really hasnt been much to show. I have now got a few drums that I am working on that for the most part have good seams. The first was supposed to be a 4″ shell, but I Ended up cutting too much off trying to get it level, so it about 3.5″ deep. The second is a 7.5″ deep shell, thats currently in the works. I’m expecting it to be 7″ and around 12ply. or 7.2mm.

The 10×3.5″ is 8 ply or 4.8mm. I still have to True the edges on this a little bit more, cut the edges again. I think I might just do a simple tung oil finish on it.

I have also received the hardware for a 10″ drum, which I am pretty keen to use already. hahaha.

I also have a shell that was the last one posted on here, that is ready to be buffed/polished but I am low on cash and can’t purchase a machine to do it. I am also playing around with some U-Beaut Shellac but that also needs to be machine polished to get a good, smooth finish.

Im still working on getting the internal seams done well, which is kinda hit or miss. Stay tuned.

Here are the Pictures.


So, not a huge update here, Just letting you know that I have been working on getting the seams good. I think I have almost a perfect outside seam, but the internal ones a little harder. I will upload a picture of one that would have been great if it had glued. There is a shell in the mould right now that is going great, I checked the seams yesterday and its looking good. Going to make it a 12ply, once I have a bit of cash I am going to get some hardware and use this shell. Its going to be a 10×3 3/4 to 4″ shell, not sure as the plys have slightly moved in the mould, which means it will be cut down a bit. Im still keen on brass hardware so if anyone wants to donate… 😉 It has its 8th plys laminatng in the mould as we speak so this sunday I should be taking it out. – Stay Tuned –


I have taken a 10×4″ out of the mould. I Used some tips given to me and this helped close the gap in the seams alot now its about 1.5mm gap between them. Almost perfect. haha.

Here are some picutres but remember that they are a close up, the drum itself isonly 4″ deep so in the pictures the seams look alot bigger.

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