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10×4″ Walnut 10ply Snare Drum Complete

Ok, so I finally got some spacers for the lugs so that they were the right distance from the shell to line up with the hoops/

It’s a 10ply walnut shell 10×4″ made the shell myself, it’s got a poly finish that is slightly buffed out. The shell isnt great, I burnt through some of the plysbut you cant really see that as it hidden by the hoops.

I tired to get some more professional photos,  some turned out ok. Let me know what you think/any tips
You can see way more pictures here



Remember how I messed up that drum a while back, well I ordered some spaces which arrived yesterday and finished the drum today. I will take some pictures tomorrow as I got to go to work now. I also received my RCK throw off, looking good.

Another Shell

Today I finshed off a shell that has been sitting there for a few weeks. I gave it a semi-gloss finish and drilled it up, but yet again i cant seem to get the hoops to go on nicely. I’m not sure what it is, maybe the spacers are too small. I will try to take some pictures to show you all. It is a 10×3.5″ shell. Next week I should be getting a new batch of veneer to start building again, I might even build another mould.

Perfect Seams

Ok, So I have been a bit slack recently. I have been trying to get some good seams, and there really hasnt been much to show. I have now got a few drums that I am working on that for the most part have good seams. The first was supposed to be a 4″ shell, but I Ended up cutting too much off trying to get it level, so it about 3.5″ deep. The second is a 7.5″ deep shell, thats currently in the works. I’m expecting it to be 7″ and around 12ply. or 7.2mm.

The 10×3.5″ is 8 ply or 4.8mm. I still have to True the edges on this a little bit more, cut the edges again. I think I might just do a simple tung oil finish on it.

I have also received the hardware for a 10″ drum, which I am pretty keen to use already. hahaha.

I also have a shell that was the last one posted on here, that is ready to be buffed/polished but I am low on cash and can’t purchase a machine to do it. I am also playing around with some U-Beaut Shellac but that also needs to be machine polished to get a good, smooth finish.

Im still working on getting the internal seams done well, which is kinda hit or miss. Stay tuned.

Here are the Pictures.

10×4 Walunt 10ply Shell

I have Finally got a shell that im pretty happy with,  I have cut the Edges, Sanded it to 240, and it is ready for a finish. Im still getting the seams good, but I would be happy to have this as my own drum. So I am going to put hardware etc on it.

So its a 10×4 American walnut ply shell. its 10 ply, I originally planned on making it 12, but my gymball went KA-BOOOOM (well whoooosh) and i had to take the 11th and 12th ply out. It’s annoying as it left way too much glue on the internal which I tried to remove but wouldnt work.

I also think I might play around with some other glue, I like this glue but it’s just leaves way too much glue when laminating I think its bleeding through.

It’s a double 45 edges, but most of the time I see the bigger edge on the inside not the outside. I’m not sure if this will sound great. I am finding out.

For the finish im not sure, I tung makes it look nice, but thats easy as. I might try a gloss. Any suggestions?

I’m thinking of brass hardware, tubes. Also I want to get an isolation mount so i can mount it without a snare stand. But the only one that i can find is…16927dba3aa6ab its also kinda ugly. I’m trying to get everything from the one store, and this store has every thing in brass that I want its like 250 all up with shipping or a bout 180 without the iso mount

I might even have to sell the first snare that I made
Oh yeah in the pics the seam looks worse than it actually is, the internal ones are still about 1-2mm out but the external is only about .5mm at the worst, one end is perfect.

10″ Walnut Tom

ok so I got bored before, I drilled up my shell on the first page to become a tom.  Drilling was pretty Bad. I noticed that I made my mould a little too undersized, but that can be overcome with some bigger gaskets (I actually plan on using tube lugs not the mapex lugs) I also noticed that the air vent makes a massive difference, I didnt drill one into this one, as it owuld just be a drilled hole. It makes a huge difference to the feel and rebound of the skins. Like i had to work hard to get the stick coming back at me, if you understand that. It sounds nice from what i can tell, i couldnt tune it well as some of the tension rods wouldnt tune up nicely (bad angles/undersized) etc, here are some pics.

i used my mapex toms hardware, nice and dusty (time for a clean it will happen soon)
oh yeah sorry for the shithouse pictures as its dark and used the flash


So, not a huge update here, Just letting you know that I have been working on getting the seams good. I think I have almost a perfect outside seam, but the internal ones a little harder. I will upload a picture of one that would have been great if it had glued. There is a shell in the mould right now that is going great, I checked the seams yesterday and its looking good. Going to make it a 12ply, once I have a bit of cash I am going to get some hardware and use this shell. Its going to be a 10×3 3/4 to 4″ shell, not sure as the plys have slightly moved in the mould, which means it will be cut down a bit. Im still keen on brass hardware so if anyone wants to donate… 😉 It has its 8th plys laminatng in the mould as we speak so this sunday I should be taking it out. – Stay Tuned –

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