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So changing the temperature of the laminating environment didn’t have an impact on the laminating process. I found that there were still some pretty big ripples in the veneer.

I think it is most likely an issue of not enough clamping pressure/not even pressure


too much glue/not evenly applied. The lamination where I used less glue worked better, but there were spots that didn’t bond, which is a problem, but I will just have to make sure there is enough glue next time.

On a positive note the wax paper works great, if any glue seeps out the wax paper wont get stuck and tear, it comes off nicely.



So while I have been making my new mould (which should be finished tomorrow if I get a chance) I have also been playing around with laminating veneer. First of I tried to laminate the plys with a very thin layer of glue. I also clamped for 20 hours and used wax paper.

There was a bit of rippling, not sure if this is due to the temperature (cold) or not clamping, or not enough glue. But the wax paper is so much better than the butter paper, No tearing etc. (the first few pics are of the process)

This morning I have laminated up two more plys. I changed some things with it, I applied a little more glue. This is because when feeling the previous lamination it felt like parts had not bonded. Well I actually used the same amount of glue, but previously I used like a small paint roller to evenly apply the glue (which resulted in a lot of waste as the roller soaked up a lot of glue). I think I may have gone overboard. Also I am going to leave it inside for most of the time to see if temperature plays a part in the process as well. The last 3 pictures are of the glue on the veneer (Titebond III) and it all clamped up.

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