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Drum Contest

Ok, so I am entering a drum contest. AT (drumfoundry’s forum)

The shell below is what I am thinking of entering, also I have been making another shell that has blackbutt on the outer plys, this may become the shell not sure yet, what ever looks better with the hoops.

Im planning on keeping my tutorials going with how to laminated veneer together. and Im trying to work out a better pressure system for the molds, will let you know when its all going good.


Another Shell

Today I finshed off a shell that has been sitting there for a few weeks. I gave it a semi-gloss finish and drilled it up, but yet again i cant seem to get the hoops to go on nicely. I’m not sure what it is, maybe the spacers are too small. I will try to take some pictures to show you all. It is a 10×3.5″ shell. Next week I should be getting a new batch of veneer to start building again, I might even build another mould.

10×8 out of the mould

So i just pulled a 10×8 out of my new 10×10 mould. Its looking ok, but there is an issue with the seams. Hopefully i will have this sorted out soon. Its easy to pull out a drum after 4 ply and then put it back in with the mould so I might start doing that instead of wasting all this veneer.

Here are some pictures… I have started to finish this drum, just with tung oil, but I plan on putting some Hardware on it. I want to put brass on it, but I wanna buy it all from the same place. still looking around.

Its a 10×8 American walnut Ply drum. 8 Ply (layup is HvvHHvvH)

Here are the pictures.

An Update

Today I thought I would show a couple of things. First off are the pictures of my flat press that works. Second is some close up of the American Walnut veneer. Also I thought it might be interesting to tell you that I have got some new glue. Its a Polyurethane Glue made in Australia. If any Australians are interested its called Vise and can be purchased from Bunnings.

Tips for working with veneer

I thought I would list a few tips for working with veneer if anyone is having trouble with cutting/gluing veneer.  These are  a few things I have learnt while working with it all.

1) I Have never needed to use a veneer softener, The flat press will help flatten the veneer. I have read that if the veneer is curling a lot then it maybe helpful to use water or veneer softener.

2) DON’T try to cut the veneer in one go, take a lot of passes.

3) When cutting with the grain, be careful as the blade wants to follow the grain.

4) If you have a 2-ply lamination that your trying to cut. Cut so you are cutting against the grain, this will help stop the blade from sliding.

5) Always use a ruler and when possible clamp it down. This is so you get a very crisp cut.

6) Use a sharp blade, the newer the blade the easier it will be to cut. When the blade gets a little blunt you will need to take more passes to get a good cut.

7)  Take it slow. Measuring, cutting etc take it all slow. The quicker you go the more likely you are to tear the veneer.

8 ) When gluing don’t over apply. Apply a small amount of glue evenly to both pieces of veneer you wish to use.

9) Allow ample time for the glue to bond and cure


OK, so I have got the plys to get press completely flat. What I ended up doing was applying glue to both the Horizontal and vertical leaves of veneer. Then when I clamped the MDF together I put a long 90×35 flat on the top and bottom and clamped to that.  The glue was also applied thinly.

I put a few into the shell mould last night, but that wasn’t a success. The plys were boned nice and tight, but the seams were awful. That is something that I really need to work on.

Almost there

I have been looking into why the lamination process isn’t working. SO i tired a few new things the other day. First I reduced the amount of glue dramatically. Secondly i shortened the width of the press boards from about 12″ to 9″ and, Third I alternated the clamp location. It worked a fair bit better. The horizontal leaf had no rippling at all. the other side did have slight rippling so I will try to put glue on the other side to overcome this.

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