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First shell attempt

OK so the first process in making the shell is to laminate some veneer together. For this shell I just got some cheap Radiata Pine. To increase the strength of the shell you want to cross laminate the plys. This means that every other ply will have the grain running vertical. Basically to laminate two leaves of veneer together all you do is press them in between two MDF boards. Its pretty simple. Just crank the clamps tight and leave for at least two hours.

After this we cut the laminated ply down to the correct size and dry fit it into the mould. This is to make sure it will fit nicely. I haven’t been able to make a decent seam yet. its still all gappy but each one I’m doing is getting better and better.

After the Plys have been dry fit into the mould I then went along and glued them up. The glue I’m using is called Titebond III. To provide a little bit of help gluing I inserted a gym ball into the mould and pumped it up.

Then after about 6 hours I took the shell out and that was the outcome. It was pretty bad, plys weren’t cut properly, there wasn’t enough internal pressure (need an air compressor) and some of the plys didn’t glue together.

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