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Got Some American Walnut.

So Yesterday I went and got some American Walnut to start to make the drums.  17 leaves 300x2400x0.6 to be exact. Plenty

I started off by laminating two leaves of veneer together. All went well, then I did another two and put them in the mould. As I did this, I wanted to create a 7ply drum so that the plys would be (H V) (H V) (H V H) the brackets represent each lamination. So as the drum was in the mould I decided to do three plys at once, to reduce the time that the shell had to sit in the mould, and how many times I had to re-pump the mould.

I don’t know what happened but this lamination turned out awful. I left it for the right amount of time, but it just didn’t work, the glue didn’t bond with the timber. so i threw away that idea. I left the drum in the mould over night and took it out this morning. It turned out pretty bad. It is because I didn’t apply enough internal pressure. I really need to get an air compressor. The seams were pretty bad as well, but discussing it i think i have found ways to make it better. The plys fit real nice and other than some of the wood not bonding it turned out OK. I have started to laminate up a new Drum today. Learning from my mistakes.

I’m still deciding if I want to get a cheap air compressor (like one that you use off your car battery), just to get the extra pressure or go all out and get little bit more expensive but still relatively cheap air compressor (like one that has a tank etc)

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