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Glue and finishes.

I was unhappy with the results of the Vise Polyurethane glue. Not with the bonding, but mainly for the outside of the shell, there was alot of glue seeping through the veneer. I decided to try out some PVA glue, It works ok. The bonding between the two leaves of veneer was great, The less I have applied, the better it bonded. But When in the mould I found that there was problems with the amount of glue, In this case I think that the more glue the better.

Im going to see how the shell I am currently doing turns out but I might end up using both glues, the PVA on the outside plys, and the VISE for the internal plys.

The previous drum, the 10×7″ shell turned out bad. I found out that some of the plys in the mould didn’t bond properly. The shell that I buffed out turned pretty good, But I screwed up the drilling so it turned out bad. I will show some pictues of it. Im also trying out some spray on poly. So far its going good.  I am also trying to do it on a 10×3.5″ but I am having a bit of trouble, I was using wipe on Poly but it ran a fair bit, and trying to get a smooth is a little harder than I thought it was going to be.

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