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14×6 10ply blackbutt

This just came hot out the mould, about 6 weeks ago. Been real busy so updates on the blog are small. all she needs is to be cut down, finished and drilled. Thinking of a natural finish – high gloss (still need to finish the shell from VC from christmas)

This is a 14×6 (well will be once cut down) 10ply all blackbutt, It probably has the best seams I have done on any drum to date.


A finish

I have started/finished finishing the jarrah outer ply shell. I have started on and identical shell but opposite. its just using shellac based products, I will probably put a wax on top of this shell to give it a harder finish as I don’t think this is going to protect it that well.

one shell out of the mould

OK, the first shell is out. I have started to cut it down and think about finish it. It is a jarrah and blackbutt Hybrid. 2 Ply jarrah, 2 Ply blackbutt 2 ply jarrah 3 ply blackbutt making the grand total 9 ply. it is now cut down to a 5.5 shell but some issues with the shell were found so i may have to cut it down to a 5″ or 4.5. I am now working on another shell of the same type as i have some hoops from Metro Drums being made, which I’m getting excited about.

VC Shell Update

Raw Shell

A bit of Tung Oil – Wet sanded in to seal the shell

The Polyurethane applied, still a few more coats to go. It is still wet, but hopefully will look like this but smooth once done.

Spalted Ambrosia Red Elder

Ok, so I received my Vaughncraft Shell in the mail the other day. It looks amazing, It is a steam bent shell, and it’s very light. The pictures I took, dont do it justice.

Vaughncraft Percussion

I have just ordered a shell from Vaughncraft. So I probably wont be getting any more veneer for a while, as it set me back a bit. The shell is a 14×7 Spalted Red Elder shell.

Can’t wait to get it, hopefully it will come before christmas. It will take a while to finish. I have the strainer and butt coming but Im thinking die-cast hoops and some expensive lugs so I need to save for the cash.

I might play around with some new moulds, etc. play aroun with new ideas.

Another Shell

Today I finshed off a shell that has been sitting there for a few weeks. I gave it a semi-gloss finish and drilled it up, but yet again i cant seem to get the hoops to go on nicely. I’m not sure what it is, maybe the spacers are too small. I will try to take some pictures to show you all. It is a 10×3.5″ shell. Next week I should be getting a new batch of veneer to start building again, I might even build another mould.

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