An Update

So Im getting back into it all. I have started the finishing of the shell shown below It has it’s first tung coat drying. I got the idea of doing a semi-detailed procedure of finishing it. Once I have done more I will start uploading it in parts (The time between the tung and the poly is about 2 weeks, so once I have the poly almost ready to go on I will start the guide (most likely in three parts)

Also If I dont end up going fishing on friday (or it isn’t too hot) I will start my new mould. It will take me a bit longer due to other work commitments. Im also thinking of doing a step-by-step guide for building.


Spalted Ambrosia Red Elder

Ok, so I received my Vaughncraft Shell in the mail the other day. It looks amazing, It is a steam bent shell, and it’s very light. The pictures I took, dont do it justice.

10×4″ Walnut 10ply Snare Drum Complete

Ok, so I finally got some spacers for the lugs so that they were the right distance from the shell to line up with the hoops/

It’s a 10ply walnut shell 10×4″ made the shell myself, it’s got a poly finish that is slightly buffed out. The shell isnt great, I burnt through some of the plysbut you cant really see that as it hidden by the hoops.

I tired to get some more professional photos,  some turned out ok. Let me know what you think/any tips
You can see way more pictures here


Remember how I messed up that drum a while back, well I ordered some spaces which arrived yesterday and finished the drum today. I will take some pictures tomorrow as I got to go to work now. I also received my RCK throw off, looking good.

Vaughncraft Percussion

I have just ordered a shell from Vaughncraft. So I probably wont be getting any more veneer for a while, as it set me back a bit. The shell is a 14×7 Spalted Red Elder shell.

Can’t wait to get it, hopefully it will come before christmas. It will take a while to finish. I have the strainer and butt coming but Im thinking die-cast hoops and some expensive lugs so I need to save for the cash.

I might play around with some new moulds, etc. play aroun with new ideas.

Another Shell

Today I finshed off a shell that has been sitting there for a few weeks. I gave it a semi-gloss finish and drilled it up, but yet again i cant seem to get the hoops to go on nicely. I’m not sure what it is, maybe the spacers are too small. I will try to take some pictures to show you all. It is a 10×3.5″ shell. Next week I should be getting a new batch of veneer to start building again, I might even build another mould.

Where is the content?

I thought I would let you know why there hasnt been much of an update recently. Pretty much I have been pretty busy with Uni and work. I just finished a Induction for a new job and I have my final assignment due in a week for uni.

After that I will get straight back into it and keep with the updates.

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