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Just a quick update

Ok, so it has been dead on here. I have just finished my degree so the last few months have been hectic. But I’m keen to get back into the swing of things. I have some sweet hardware I can’t wait to use and heaps if veneer to make shells so I will hopefully keep this updated with everything I do.


The Wood Whisperer

Hey, I thought I would just give this link out. Its to The Wood Whisperer, great general wood working blog – got some good tips and tutorials (ranging from tool selection to finishing. Everything you need to know)


A quick update

SO it has been pretty slow on here – I have hardly done anything.

made a few 6ply shells – still working on one for teh DF building contest even though it is finished (plan on getting it done eventually) it needs 1 re-ring, a sanding, a bit of a clean up and a nice finish. I have some hoops from Metro Drums – seriously want to buy a kit from him however dont really have the spare cash.

I might even update soon with some pictures of what I am currently doing at uni

either way here are some pics to see what happens when the shells dont do what I want.

Guerrilla Drum Making

“Making your own drum set is a pretty amazing experience. The feeling of completing and then playing your own customized drum set just can’t be put in words. And if you ask us, neither can drum making instructions. That’s exactly why we made a visual guide. Guerrilla Drum Making is the world’s first drum building dvd, with real life drum building scenarios that will help just about anyone make a drum set or breath new life into your old drum set.”

Check out GDM’s New website at

Drum Contest

Ok, so I am entering a drum contest. AT (drumfoundry’s forum)

The shell below is what I am thinking of entering, also I have been making another shell that has blackbutt on the outer plys, this may become the shell not sure yet, what ever looks better with the hoops.

Im planning on keeping my tutorials going with how to laminated veneer together. and Im trying to work out a better pressure system for the molds, will let you know when its all going good.

An Update

So Im getting back into it all. I have started the finishing of the shell shown below It has it’s first tung coat drying. I got the idea of doing a semi-detailed procedure of finishing it. Once I have done more I will start uploading it in parts (The time between the tung and the poly is about 2 weeks, so once I have the poly almost ready to go on I will start the guide (most likely in three parts)

Also If I dont end up going fishing on friday (or it isn’t too hot) I will start my new mould. It will take me a bit longer due to other work commitments. Im also thinking of doing a step-by-step guide for building.


Remember how I messed up that drum a while back, well I ordered some spaces which arrived yesterday and finished the drum today. I will take some pictures tomorrow as I got to go to work now. I also received my RCK throw off, looking good.

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