10×4 Walunt 10ply Shell

I have Finally got a shell that im pretty happy with,  I have cut the Edges, Sanded it to 240, and it is ready for a finish. Im still getting the seams good, but I would be happy to have this as my own drum. So I am going to put hardware etc on it.

So its a 10×4 American walnut ply shell. its 10 ply, I originally planned on making it 12, but my gymball went KA-BOOOOM (well whoooosh) and i had to take the 11th and 12th ply out. It’s annoying as it left way too much glue on the internal which I tried to remove but wouldnt work.

I also think I might play around with some other glue, I like this glue but it’s just leaves way too much glue when laminating I think its bleeding through.

It’s a double 45 edges, but most of the time I see the bigger edge on the inside not the outside. I’m not sure if this will sound great. I am finding out.

For the finish im not sure, I tung makes it look nice, but thats easy as. I might try a gloss. Any suggestions?

I’m thinking of brass hardware, tubes. Also I want to get an isolation mount so i can mount it without a snare stand. But the only one that i can find is http://www.drumfactorydirect.com/ind…16927dba3aa6ab its also kinda ugly. I’m trying to get everything from the one store, and this store has every thing in brass that I want its like 250 all up with shipping or a bout 180 without the iso mount

I might even have to sell the first snare that I made
Oh yeah in the pics the seam looks worse than it actually is, the internal ones are still about 1-2mm out but the external is only about .5mm at the worst, one end is perfect.

  1. Hey Andy… Great site and I’m loving these posts.

      • andyvanzant
      • September 25th, 2009

      Hey, thanks mate. I think i have fixed the seam issue. I should have a shell tomorrow morning to show off to the world. I just need to get teh internal ones down well, its kinda hit or miss.

      Im also going to be playing around with some high gloss finsihes on this shell soon. I kinda ruined it by trying an all-in-one stronger than poly finish. I had to sand back, and went through the first ply in some places.

      But yeah stay tuned in the next few days and i should have a pretty substantial update for everyone.

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