So, not a huge update here, Just letting you know that I have been working on getting the seams good. I think I have almost a perfect outside seam, but the internal ones a little harder. I will upload a picture of one that would have been great if it had glued. There is a shell in the mould right now that is going great, I checked the seams yesterday and its looking good. Going to make it a 12ply, once I have a bit of cash I am going to get some hardware and use this shell. Its going to be a 10×3 3/4 to 4″ shell, not sure as the plys have slightly moved in the mould, which means it will be cut down a bit. Im still keen on brass hardware so if anyone wants to donate… 😉 It has its 8th plys laminatng in the mould as we speak so this sunday I should be taking it out. – Stay Tuned –

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