My First Real Shell

Ok, Today I took out my first real shell. IT turned out pretty good, it’s all glued together no ripples or anything. BUT I tried to make a 5.5″ shel;, the laminated plys moved in the mould, making it all strange, If I do decide to use it properly I will have to cut it down, probably to about a 4″ shell. Also the Seams are nowhere near perfect.

The issues I can work on fixing, but this is a very good step in the right direction. I know for the seams I just have to measure more carefully and try to get it to fit perfect before I glue it all up. The moving of the plys is something I have to look into to see how I can overcome that.

Here are some pics.  It is a 14″x 5.5″ (kinda) 10PLY american Walnut snare shell.

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