Tips for working with veneer

I thought I would list a few tips for working with veneer if anyone is having trouble with cutting/gluing veneer.  These are  a few things I have learnt while working with it all.

1) I Have never needed to use a veneer softener, The flat press will help flatten the veneer. I have read that if the veneer is curling a lot then it maybe helpful to use water or veneer softener.

2) DON’T try to cut the veneer in one go, take a lot of passes.

3) When cutting with the grain, be careful as the blade wants to follow the grain.

4) If you have a 2-ply lamination that your trying to cut. Cut so you are cutting against the grain, this will help stop the blade from sliding.

5) Always use a ruler and when possible clamp it down. This is so you get a very crisp cut.

6) Use a sharp blade, the newer the blade the easier it will be to cut. When the blade gets a little blunt you will need to take more passes to get a good cut.

7)  Take it slow. Measuring, cutting etc take it all slow. The quicker you go the more likely you are to tear the veneer.

8 ) When gluing don’t over apply. Apply a small amount of glue evenly to both pieces of veneer you wish to use.

9) Allow ample time for the glue to bond and cure

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