The Next Day

OK so all went pretty well, the shell was glued up, and from what I could see there wasn’t any places where the two plies didn’t glue and there were no gaps. If this next ply goes well, I am going to put one final ply in then it will be a “finished” shell. By that I mean that it will be the thickness that I set out to achieve, but I don’t think it will be able to be used as a drum shell yet.

On a note of the seams, when I put the laminated veneer into the mould it fits nicely, but looking at it today the seams appear to be huge gaps. I guess I will find out tomorrow.

I placed a piece of BendyPly into the mould before I inflated the gym ball this morning but I found it made it worse, not better so for now I will give that a miss. I think a lot of my problems are coming from my mould as well, so I’m thinking that in the next few weeks I will make a new one.

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